Data Analytics & AI

  • Extracting the valuable insights to empower decision making through integrated analytics

Data Analytics & AI Services

Spotting the current enterprises' need and the data culture, DataBase System offers Big Data and Data Analytics solutions that assist enterprises in extracting valuable data to accelerate businesses growth and efficiency along with real-time management.

We guide our clients in chartering a precise roadmap to empower them for making data-driven decisions, re-define business strategies for improved operations, quality product and reliable services. These procedures conclude in customer satisfaction and enhanced revenues.



We assist our clients by advancing them from preemptive disruptions through a radical approach to data analytics

  • To deliver avant-garde data analytics solutions.
  • To derive real-time actionable insights.
  • To explore innovative solutions to enterprises
  • To facilitate decision making
  • Understand Digital Cap

Big Data Engineering

Liber Data Systems , Big Data Engineering means to Banish connecting and collecting challenges, Delete storing and securing challenges and Eliminate managing and processing big data challenges which obstructs an enterprise from potentially utilizing their data

Right strategy accompanied by expertise, DataBase System services empowers you to:

  • Align big data with business goals.
  • Calculate competencies and create abilities to potentially utilize Big Data opportunities.
  • Develop data-driven solutions for enterprises challenges and enhance ROI.
Business Applications
Enterprise Mobility

Data Visualization (BI)

To get ready for the growing 3Vs that is Volume, Velocity and Variety of data; enterprise needs powerful aggregation, validation, integration, and extracting techniques to unseal pertinent insights in real-time.

DataBase System business intelligence and data warehouse services enable you to

  • Effectively manage enterprise information
  • Enable advanced visualization to derive actionable insights from data
  • Track and improve ROI of business and marketing activities
  • Optimize customer processes and enable digital business moments
  • Understand user behavior and illuminate interesting patterns

Enterprise Data Management

Liber Data Systems empowers the business by transformative technologies to get sharp vision and create a new data supply chain. A team of analytics explores and improves the way to manage valuable data

  • Infrastructure - Install, config, monitor Hadoop clusters Enterprise data warehousing – ETL, migration, management
  • Integration services
Application Modernization and Sustenance
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