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Industries We Serve

Liber Data Systems helps companies to maximize their Salesforce investment, both in business growth and increased value to their brand. Our Salesforce technical excellence and custom development proficiency allow us to build solutions that streamline your sales and marketing processes and improves customer service management. Let us tune your Salesforce to drive success.


We pay attention to digitalization and technological innovation that affect the banking and finance industries at every level. We thrive to stay competitive in the market. Thus, Liber Data Systems responds to customer needs for mobile-first technology, enhances operational efficiency, and complies with regulatory requirements at the same time.

Liber Data Systems combines traditional financial services with innovative technology solutions providing an outstanding outcome in the modern Fintech industry.


Liber Data Systems is a medical software developer that delivers advanced healthcare solutions to help healthcare providers optimize workflows, enhance diagnostics, and personalize patient care services, all packed in intuitive interface design.

Together with Liber Data Systems experts of both the IT and healthcare sectors, you can transform the consumer health tech challenge into your competence. Join the future of the healthtech industry through our innovative technology solutions.


Liber Data Systems powers insurance companies and startups with cost-efficient, law-compliant, and customer-focused business software solutions.

We help you boost your insurance business by deploying breakthrough technology and customizing our legacy software products to your specific needs. Our software development team combines a deep understanding of top niche insurance markets with expertise in data analysis software to help you provide more personalized customer service.

Warehouse and Logistics Management Systems

Liber Data Systems offers comprehensive software solutions that allow solving the main challenges international logistics companies and small warehouse companies face these days. We assist you with handling sophisticated supply chains, meeting growing customer demands, and managing essential business processes by developing advanced software tailored to the unique needs of your company.

Enhance the quality of services, streamline processes, and win the market with DataBase System services for logistics software development.

Food and Grocery

Food and grocery industry is a fiercely competitive sector where businesses have to meet high standard product and service quality. Liber Data Systems food service software development services help your business automate day-to-day store and back-office processes, streamline distribution, and delivery resulting in improved productivity, increased sales, and profitability.

Our integrated software solutions built and configured by Liber Data Systems expert developers help food service providers and online grocery sites handle any process more efficiently and intelligently.

Travel and Hospitality Software Development

Embracing the latest technological advancements, the travel and hospitality sector has evolved and centers around customized services, breakthrough digital solutions, and unique customer service. To boost profitability and remain competitive in the modern digital world, every business in the hospitality sector needs robust customer-focused solutions. DataBase System is a reliable custom software development company providing outstanding travel solutions along with a top-notch hotel booking engine across the whole range of businesses engaged in the travel industry.

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